Step outside the typical conference for an experience that engages your whole self.

Over-Conferenced & under-stimulated

The best don’t settle for less than optimum professional development, so why would you? Step outside the typical conference experience and challenge yourself and your team with an event that will propel you to top-level performance.

You are ready for so much more.

We know what’s at stake

We’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of making decisions in rapidly changing environments through our time in special ops intelligence, rescue operations, foreign service, and leadership development.

We want to share our training and experiences with you.

Ibex Experiences: Step Outside

A three-month adventure-based learning experience that will equip you to thrive in today’s precarious business world.

Phase 1: PREPARE

A startup kit and coaching call will help you prepare mentally & physically for the event.

Phase 2: EMBARK

Attend our day-and-a-half event with experiences that will shape the way you make decisions.

Phase 3: LAUNCH

Receive support and resources as you
apply what you’ve learned to every day life.


With agility, balance, and confidence, ibex thrive where others struggle to get a footing.
Your Ibex Experience will:

  • Sharpen your decision-making skills
  • Provide clarity on managing complex risks
  • Develop your strategic thinking
  • Increase your own self-awareness

In today’s precarious business world, you can thrive where others cannot.





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